An International theatrical group founded in 1979 by Elia K. Schneider. They base their line of work in the research of new codes for theatrical language.

Works of Teatro Dramma have been presented at La MaMa E.T.C. in New York, International Theater Festivals like Jerusalem Arts Festival and Caracas International Theater Festival, and Teatro Rajatabla, Teatro Ateneo de Caracas, Teatro Celarg and Teatro Ana Julia Rojas in Caracas, where they won three critics awards. Teatro Dramma has obtained excellent reviews in the “New York Times,” “Village Voice,” “The New York Post,” “The Villager,” “New York Theater Wire” and “New York Magazine.”  Teatro Dramma has been noted by the “The New York Post” as one of the most successful and innovative experimental theater companies in Latin America.

Among their many productions included are:

  • 2015. Judgement on a Gray Beach by E. K. Schneide
  • 2010. Emigrants by S. Mrozek
  • 2004. The lesson by E. Ionesco
  • 2002. Oedipus Rex by I. Stravinsky
  • 2000. Rooms by E. K. Schneider
  • 1991. Stasis by E. K. Schneider
  • 1989. Gaz by E. K. Schneider
  • 1984. Blumfeld by E. K. Schneider
  • 1982. Request Concert by F. X. Kroetz
  • 1981. Man is a Man by B. Brecht
  • 1980. The Wedding by B. Brecht
  • 1979. The Criminals by J. Triana

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